3 Panel Telescopic



• 20 mm panel thickness
• Narroved mechanism depth
• DC-PWM driver without limit switch
• 220 V AC supply voltage
• 24 V DC brushed motor
• Double channel (A,B) 100 ppr encoder
• Clear opening dimension (700mm~1300mm)
• The number of opening/closing cycles per year 800.000
Multiple electronic settings
• Size / Length and Velocity parameters
• Door power that can be adjusted separately on
opening and closing directions

• Compatibility with variation of open / close
command signals (24 V DC-220 V AC)

• Ability to operate with single (close) signal
• Adjustment of short circuit types as NO/NC
Multiple mechanic adjustments
• Practical assembly
• Panel adjustment in 3 axes
• Adjustability of clear opening



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